Jackie Kennedy Crescent Pin Reproduced by Camrose and Kross

Jackie Kennedy Crescent Pin Reproduced by Camrose and Kross
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For Jackie's 17th birthday, her sister Lee gave her this costume jewelry pin. Puchased with her allowance money, Lee beautifully wrapped the gift before she gave it to Jackie. Jackie later wore this pin on her very first date with Congressman John F. Kennedy.

This is a 24k gold plated crescent pin. It comes in an gift boxed that is a velour-covered steel case. Included is a Camrose and Kross Certificate of authenticity. Also a romance card with some fascinating information about Jackie and her life.

Camrose and Kross has reproduced the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection as costume jewelry. Most of the peices are white metal alloys electroplated in either 24k gold, rhodium or platinum. All rings are vermeil: pure sterling silver plated in 100 mils of 24k gold. All of the jewelry is guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship. This includes plating chipping or wearing, stones falling out or defective hardware and findings. Watches fall under the same warranty, except for their movements, which are guaranteed for 1 year.